In her 20s, Paris Hilton had an abortion, but she hid it out of "shame."

Carter Reum, a 42-year-old venture capitalist, and the 42-year-old socialite-turned-wife DJ's welcomed their first kid earlier this month.

But has now revealed that more than twenty years ago, she was almost a mother.

She discussed her termination in the February issue of Glamour magazine.

She also talked openly about the sexual abuse she had as a teen throughout the interview.

I also didn't want to discuss this because there was so much shame associated with it.

Paris added that she didn't feel inspired to talk about it until the US Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade abortion decision last year.

I believe it to be important, she said. There is just so much politics involved, but since it involves a woman's body, why should a law be based on that?

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